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Scoring just a few points higher on your test makes all the difference in where you go to school and what scholarships you receive.

Why BYU Test Prep?

  • Proven instructors

Our highly skilled test prep instructors have mastered and scored in the very top tier of the test courses they teach. More than 9 out of 10 BYU test prep students rate their teachers highly.

  • Best Practices learning strategies

We teach an extensive suite of advanced test-taking strategies for every question type. Besides an essential skills review, our curriculum covers multiple approaches to solving each problem type in 60 seconds or less.

  • Money back guarantee

We offer one of the top guarantees in the industry. Come to the first two Test Prep sessions, learn from our instructors and decide for yourself if this course is right for you. Afterward, if you are not satisfied, you get a full refund. For more information about refund eligibility visit the Money–Back Guarantee page.

  • Higher Score Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we offer you the opportunity to come back and retake the class one time free of charge for up to four years!

GRE Verbal Score: 167

"The class was definitely worth the time and money, and I've recommended it to those preparing for the GRE. I went from having no idea what I was doing to realizing I can do this. The class gave me all the resources—books, practice tests, tips, study techniques-that I needed to do well. My scores all went up, and I'm most proud that my verbal went up 21 points!"

—Jacob C.

GMAT score: From 560 to 710!

“I took the GMAT and got a 710! I'm definitely going to apply to a couple top-10 schools as well as BYU. I want to say that the first practice test I took was a 560, so the BYU prep class was very beneficial for me and helped me improve my score by 150 points! Please relay my gratitude to the instructors and administrators.”

—Doug T.

DAT Score: 21

“BYU DAT test prep helped me to find where I was weak. This helped me to curb my personal study onto subjects that I didn’t have such a firm grasp on. The results were phenomenal!
Academic: 21
Perceptual: 22”

—Geoffrey C.

Verbal Score: 92nd percentile!

"The GRE class was worth every penny! The math teacher simplified difficult math concepts that I’d struggled with my entire life. Because of that, I raised my math score 200 points, and beat my English score! On the GRE I scored a 660 in English, a 680 in Math and a 5.5 in writing.”

—Jenny K.

ACT Score: 32

“I took the ACT and got a 25, but since I wanted to get into BYU, I wanted a better score. I participated in the BYU ACT Test Prep class and it really helped. After the class, I got a 32 on the ACT, with a 35 in English. This class was fabulous! I definitely suggest taking the test once, taking the class, and then watching your score improve.”

—Valerie M.

MCAT Score: 37

“BYU’s MCAT prep class was definitely helpful. I took the first test and scored around 30, and my final score was 37. It was much cheaper than other prep courses and helped me a lot. Now I am in a top medical school and would certainly do it again if given the choice.”

—Joseph N.

LSAT Score: 172

“I took the BYU test prep course for the LSAT. The course provided me with enough practice tests to participate in class and practice on my own. It was a pleasure to learn from such experienced teachers and to benefit from such resources. I was able to score a 172 on the LSAT because of the preparation I received at BYU.”

—Debi H.

Take a "test drive" on us

We offer the top guarantee in the industry. Come to the first two test prep sessions, learn from our instructors, receive your personalized diagnostic results. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you get a full refund (minus the cost of the diagnostic test).

Our money back-guarantee

Tradition of Excellence

This high-quality program is made possible by the support of Brigham Young University, whose tradition of excellence is part of its core mission. All classes are on campus, taught by BYU instructors.

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Higher Score Guarantee

We want you to achieve the best score possible. So, if you are not satisfied with your official test score, we offer you the opportunity to come back and retake the class free of charge within four years!

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